About Caskets

With all the various options, materials and colors, however, there are basically two type of caskets - Gaskets and Non-Gasketed.  

(A gasket is a seamless rubber strip located on the base of the casket.  When the lid is closed and tightened against the base of the casket, the gasket is compressed and creates the protection.)

When a casket is closed, it is the type of material, its thickness and the gasket which help keep moisture and other elements from entering the casket.

Gasketed Caskets, which provide the greatest level of protection, will be constructed of metal.  It is the thickness and type of metal that determines both the cost and the degree of protection offered.

Materials are listed in order of least to most protective qualities and cost.

20 Gauge Steel,  18 Gauge Steel,  Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze.

Non-Gasketed Caskets are not designed to provide for this level of protection and can be made of wood or 20 gauge steel.

Caskets constructed of wood provide for a unique warmth and beauty but must be placed in a vault to provide protection from the elements.

The selection of a gasketed or non-gasketed casket is a personal decision best made in consideration of familiy preferences, traditions and funeral budget.

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