Selecting a Funeral Home

Making the Right Choice...during a difficult time.

When you call, they should be able to fully answer your questions, discuss prices and options and help you determine who can best care for you and your family. (See below for questions to ask)

You should feel comfortable with their concern and willingness to listen to your needs and wishes.  AND they should be knowledgeable and able to present meaningful options.

One simple call can make a world of difference. 

Simply call and will experience a difference.

Simply call and will experience a difference.

Questions as you select a funeral home: 

Ask about their available services. How can they help you? 

Inquire about funeral and cremation options and what floral services are available. 

Can they help with cemetery decisions and monuments? 

If cremation is your preference, does the funeral home have its own crematory - if not, who would provide the cremation. 

Discuss any financial concerns including charges for their various services. 

Can they accept insurance? 

Do they offer any payment options?

What prearrangement plans can they offer to enable you to make these difficult and important decisions in advance? 

How can they help create a truly personal and creative tribute honoring your family member?

Most importantly, after your discussion with the funeral home, how do you feel about their commitment and ability to care for your family?

You deserve to feel comfortable with the professionals you select, confident in their abilities and secure in their concern for your family.